Group Technology Co., Ltd. BBM/EPA Agricultural film products

White biodegradable film

The thickness is generally 0.015 mm, the width varies from 80-300 cm, the light transmittance and thermal radiation rate are above 90%, and it has a certain reflective effect, which can improve the activity of soil microorganisms, and has a certain effect on improving soil and increasing soil organic matter content. effect.

Double-coloured biodegradable film

There are two types of mulch films: silverblack and black-and-white two-colour
mulching films. The general thickness is 0.015-0.02 mm, the light transmittance is
about 60%, and the reflectivity of ultraviolet rays is good. Increase the intensity of photosynthesis, reduce low temperature, weeding, etc.

Double-coloured biodegradable film

The thickness is generally 0.01-0.03 mm, the light transmittance is low, the heat absorption is fast, the growth of weeds is effectively inhibited, and the soil moisture is maintained.


Price advantage: It is cheaper than PLA+PBAT, etc. The plastic factory does not need to add new equipment to directly switch to fully degradable mulch film, and the corner plastic is recycled to achieve the maximum utilization of resources.

High degradation rate: passed the EU EN13432 test, the degradation rate is >90%, which meets the national degradation requirements, does not contain rubber components, and will not cause secondary pollution to the soil.

Supply guarantee: Not subject to production capacity constraints, the existing petrochemical PE production capacity can be directly converted to fully degradable pellets to meet the strong market demand.

Group Technology Co., Ltd. biodegradable blown film product series mainly include:

Shopping bags, vest bags, garbage bags, express bags, continuous roll bags, mushroom bags, etc., can meet the needs of shopping, household storage, logistics, agricultural planting and other industries.


Shopping Bag/Vest Bag Garbage Bag
Thickness: 0.025mm—0.06mm, colour can be selected, pattern can be customized, more loadbearing and less dripping

Delivery bag
Thickness: 0.05mm—0.07mm, colour can be selected, the pattern can be customized, not easy to burst, the thickness and toughness are waterproof and wear-resistant.

Mushroom bag
Thickness: 0.01mm—0.08mm, soft texture, good stretchability, high temperature resistance to 120℃