Restore the ecology

New environmentally friendly biodegradable

GRE – META, a new environmentally friendly brand under the Group Technology Co., Ltd., focuses on the research, development and innovation of biodegradable materials. Adhering to the group’s development concept of “creating life with science and greening the future”, it builds a green and sustainable development model through research, production and sales of biodegradable materials and products. Use green technology to protect the environment, restore the true ecology, and create a safe and green earth.

100% pure natural raw materials
100% biodegradable
Restore the true ecology

GRE-META, with the development concept of “restore the true ecology”, with “safety” as the core of research and development, using natural plants and marine microorganisms as raw materials, has successfully developed a variety of biodegradable products.

At present, the products include biodegradable materials, disposable eco tableware, ecological agricultural mulch film, supermarket eco plastic bags, and logistics eco safety bags.

It has the ultimate pursuit of safety for its products, which have passed the TUV non-toxic certification, no heavy metal certification, Germany TUV Rheinland compostable and other safety testing certifications.

Sustainable ecology, Good life,

Great future

Ensure a better ecological security, create a healthy and safe life in the future.

GRE – META continues to fulfill the mission of “for ecological safety, simple life; for safe life, protect the ecology”, with sustainable development as the focus of ecological force, actively practice green technology and environmental protection, jointly build a healthy and safe life, and create a harmonious relationship between people Perfect balance in harmony with nature.