Group Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Incubation and Research Centre

Product Incubation and R&D Center is located in Shenzhen, covering an area of 1,000 square meters. As the “brain of science and technology innovation”, the group brings outstanding talents and technologies together. Based on 30 years of industry experience, it continuously promotes the innovation of innovative ecological and environmental protection for ecology and lives. The project will be industrialized by the group’s production base, and the results will be pushed to the world.

The core team of the R&D centre actively organizes industry exchanges and visits to promote technology skills

Leaders of Litong District Committee went to the group to inspect the new biodegradable material project

On May 19, 2021, Zhou Tao, Secretary of Litong District Committee, led a team to Group Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect the production project of biodegradable materials. District People’s Congress director Chen Yu and district leaders inspected together.

They visited our waste plant crushing workshop, BBM bamboo powder processing, production and R&D workshop, and listened to the introduction of the production and sales of new bamboo fully degradable materials. Zhou Tao said that through the inspection, the group’s biodegradable production project is in line with the local industrial planning and development, and the local area has made great progress in catering, food packaging and agricultural mulching film. It is hoped that while expanding the northwest market, enterprises will come to Litong for on-site inspections, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and promote the implementation of the projects.

Visit Guangdong Hanma Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

In order to expand newer and better fully degradable materials, representatives of the group went to Guangdong Hanma Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in March this year to hold cooperation talks on using hemp plants as raw materials to produce biodegradable raw materials.

Director Zhu of the Institute of Hemp, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences visited the biodegradation project.

In June 2021, Director Zhu of the Hemp Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences made a special trip to the Yanluo production base of the Group to visit and inspect, accompanied by representatives of the Group, and explained in detail the characteristics and production process of biodegradable products produced by using abandoned garden plants.

Go to the Hemp Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to discuss how to carry out the cooperation in the biodegradation project

In September 2021, representatives of the group went to the Hemp Research Institute to discuss how to carry out the joint research and development and promotion of biodegradable materials. The Hemp Research Institute had a detailed understanding of the group’s biodegradable materials and products at this stage. As a professional scientific research unit, the institute collects professional statistics on the application effect of the agricultural mulch film produced by the group in different crops and environments, supports the  promotion and application of fully degradable agricultural mulch film with technology, and continuously develops and utilizes different plants to generate biodegradable raw materials.

Industry Association Visiting

In 2020, Shenzhen Industry Association visited. After learning about the group’s new environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, he affirmed that the biodegradable industry will be a sunrise industry that benefits the country and the people, and discussed the market positioning of biodegradable products. towards.

The core team of the group actively negotiates cooperation with local governments and chambers of commerce

The core team is brought together to work closely with local governments and chambers of commerce to actively convey the advantages and eco-friendly properties of fully biodegradable materials and products.

The group’s core team visited domestic and foreign environmental protection industry exhibitions

The Group actively responds to the national “carbon neutrality” policy, participates in various environmental protection industry exhibitions and publicity exchange conferences at home and abroad, maintains close communication with advanced enterprises and brands in the industry, and keeps up with the development of the ecological and environmental protection

In order to ensure effective and reliable technology implementation and keep improving, the R&D team has established test bases across the country to repeatedly verify core technologies and products with real and effective experimental data.

Ningxia Film Experimental Field
(100 acres of greenhouses for growing agricultural products)

Gansu Experimental Site
(More than 50 acres of agricultural products)

Jiangxi Experimental Site
(More than 1,700 acres of greenhouse farms grow agricultural products)