Group Technology Co., Ltd.

Better Environment Better Life

is an innovative group company focusing on ecological and environmental protection technology, actively responding to the national “dual carbon strategy”, promoting the international development of environmental protection vigorously.

Group Technology Co., Ltd was established in Hong Kong and is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production and sales of fully degradable raw materials and their products. We have European TUV Home composting certification and US BPI degradable product certification on our fully degradable materials. The fully degradable material we produce can not only replaces general plastic products, but also can be widely used in catering, food, drug packaging, medical treatment, agriculture, 3C production accessories and many other industries.

The company has established subsidiaries in Malaysia and Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningxia, Jiangxi and other more than ten provinces and cities and now we cover the whole country to carry out the production and sales of fully degradable materials. We have a strong R & D team on the new development of
fully degradable materials and make it truly realize our green concept.

Our business covers the aspects of the innovation, research and development of environmental protection technology, new resources of biodegradable materials, and green product production.

With 30 years of industry experience and strength, Group Technology is in a leading position in industry development. Our innovative environmental protection materials and products had reached a high-quality standard and own authoritative certifications qualified by the European Union, Germany and other international authoritative organizations. We also contributed to the large-scale industrialization of green technologies and products.

BBM and EPA, two fully biodegradable materials independently developed by the group, are derived from natural materials – bamboo and marine microorganisms, which can achieve compost degradation in the natural environment.

The whole process of the degradation does not endanger the ecology or produce any toxic substances, which effectively achieves the environmental protection goal: “Taken fromthe environment and returning back to nature”.

BBM and EPA materials have been widely used in the fields of catering, food, medicine, logistics, medical treatment, agricultural information, home
appliances, etc.

The product forms are innovative and diverse to fit our daily needs, including agricultural mulch, packaging, straws, food boxes, cups, knives & forks, and 3C product accessories.

The Group is now actively investing in innovative R&D and manufacturing projects of wood powder recycling equipment. Striving to innovate wood-plastic composite technology, and regenerate wastepaper or wood waste into fully degradable particles, films or sheets, to develop a wider business range. In the future, Group Technology Co., Ltd will continue to adhere to the group‘s “5R environmental protection principles”, with high-tech institutions and global technical talents, take the green future as the value orientation, the ecological technology as the development engine, and the innovation as the enterprise spirit to build a sustainable community of life.

Company Vision

White Pollution – The Hazard of Human Civilization

Technology – Improvement coexists with harm, a double-edged sword for civilization

In the 21st century, the rapid development of science and technology has accelerated human civilization and strongly impacted every corner of social development. On one hand, it has provided humans with better living conditions, and a comfortable living environment; on the other hand, the rapid development of some technologies has spawned ecological pollution and huge disasters that endanger all life on earth.

White Pollution Plastics – the unbearable weight of life

In the 1960s, scientists from the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and Imperial College London estimated that by 2050, 99% of the world’s seabirds would eat plastic by mistake, but in 2010 this figure had reached 80%! Many innocent lives on earth are dying due to “white pollution”. It has become a global problem that cannot be ignored!
In order to build a green and harmonious global environment, domestic and international companies are constantly improving relevant system construction and making plastics more environmentally friendly. The development and application of fully degradable materials play a significate role in the world’s environmental protection process.

Group Mission

Actively innovating science & technology, coexistence with technology and ecology

Adhering to the original intention of “contributing to the eco-protection”, Group Technology Co., Ltd actively invested in research and innovation to explore the development and application of new environmentally friendly biodegradable materials for accelerating the fundamental replacement of traditional plastics packages and products.

With the rapid development of the modern civilization era in the 21st century, a better ecological oasis will be achieved, scientific and technological progress and green ecology will complement each other, and the source of life will last forever.